Steve Wohlberg

The Story of My Son's Seizures
By Steve Wohlberg

"Like a flitting sparrow, like a flying swallow, So a curse without cause shall not alight" (Proverbs 26:2)

Today is March 23, 2010, and I believe it is finally time for me to explain publicly in greater detail the terrible struggles my wife Kristin and I have experienced as a result of our son's seizures, and the valuable lessons we have learned. My prayer is that these words will honor the Great Physician, Jesus Christ, and enlighten others.

It all started on a beautiful summer day in July of 2007. Kristin, our three-year-old son Seth, and I were peacefully driving down Interstate 101 among the redwoods of northern California when our nightmare began. "Something's wrong with Seth!" Kristin unexpectedly shouted. I quickly glanced behind me (I was driving) and was shocked to see our precious little boy, who had just fallen asleep in his car seat, convulsing and jerking. Panic set in. "Are you having a bad dream Seth? Wake up!"

He couldn't—he was having his first seizure.

A year later, he had another one. Then another. After numerous tests, EEGs, and an MRI, Seth was finally diagnosed as having "Benign Rolandic Epilepsy" and put on anti-seizure medication. "No known cause. No cure," our neurologist said. On the bright side, we were informed that Seth would probably grow out of this condition in his teens, and we were strongly advised to "keep him on medication" until then, or until, and this was explained to us as being "standard protocol," he went two full years without a seizure and has a normal EEG. And so, nervously—because the possibility of harmful "side effects" bothered me greatly—I began inserting into my trusting child's open mouth a high-powered brain drug twice a day for the next 16 months.

Things went reasonably well, month after month, except for those terribly bizarre "night events" when Seth would wake up crying uncontrollably and waving his arms wildly around his ears as if he were being tormented by some unseen substance within his brain. "That's normal," our neurologist told us, "and has nothing to do with the medication."

Then in October 2009, everything changed. Seth had four more seizures. We then took him to the hospital for another EEG. "His brain activity is very busy," reported the neurologist who read the report, "and he is not far away from having more serious seizures." Nevertheless, the diagnosis remained the same. "Benign Rolandic Epilepsy…No known cause. No cure." "You should increase his medication," we were told by a neurologist.

This didn't sit well with me. "Dear God," I prayed from the depths of my hurting soul, "Please help me to discover the cause of Seth's seizures so we can reverse this condition! In Jesus' name, amen."

The full story is too long to tell here; but in a nutshell, after that prayer, I started doing my own homework. After many hours of research, I discovered that seizures can be caused by toxins in the brain—sometimes even as a result of vaccines. On Wednesday night, October 14, 2009, Seth had another seizure. The next day I faced a difficult dilemma. Should I fly to Oregon tomorrow for a weekend speaking appointment, or stay home with my wife and kids? It was hard to know what to do. I didn't want to leave Kristin alone with a seizure-active child, but the seminar was scheduled. Many were expecting me, and depending on me.

Finally, on Thursday night I prayed. "Lord, if Seth has another seizure tonight, I'm not going." Providentially, he didn't. So, I left. I'm so glad I did! For it was there, in Bend, Oregon, that I met a wonderful nutritionist who recommended a natural detoxification product called "PCA-RX" (developed by Maxam Labs) that gently removes heavy metals from the body.

I'll give it a try, I thought, and spent the money.

It was at the beginning of November that we started giving Seth PCA-RX daily. Amazingly, on the 4th night something happened in our bedroom. Light seemed to fill my heart, and a sense of peace flooded over me. That night, which was the first night in a long time, Seth slept peacefully the entire night without jerking around wildly during sleep (which he did regularly).

Shortly thereafter, we found Dr. Jon Mundall, a full-fledged M.D., who is also board certified in Heavy Metal Toxicology. During our first visit, he strongly disagreed with the "No cause, no cure, keep Seth on medication" advice we had received so many times. Then Dr. Mundall did what no other neurologist ever did, but should have done—and I spoke to at least five of them—and that was to recommend an analysis of Seth's vitamin, mineral, and heavy metal levels. He then took samples of Seth's hair and urine and sent them to the lab. The results shocked us, but confirmed my suspicion. Wow! Seth's body was loaded with heavy metals like Cadmium, Lead, Cesium, Antimony, Barium, and many others. "They're neurotoxins," Dr. Mundall told us. "The combination can be very bad, and can definitely contribute to seizures."

Our course was confirmed: "detoxification."

In the weeks that followed we continued administering PCA-RX by mouth (it's a tasteless spray) in addition to Chelation therapy. Plus we added more vitamins and minerals for Seth's nerves and brain. On January 27, 2010 (after a carefully scheduled weaning process) we took the big step: contrary to the prevailing "expert opinions" we had received, we took Seth entirely off all anti-seizure medication.

The next three nights were rough. Each night, nearly exactly one hour after falling asleep, Seth had another strange "night event" where he would wake up, cry uncontrollably, wave his hands near his ears, and roll around wildly. Temptation pressed in on us, "This is happening because you took Seth off the drug. You should put him back on it!" But, with Dr. Mundall's firm encouragement, we kept a steady course. About a week later temptation struck hard again when Seth had two more seizures back to back. "Hold the line," Dr. Mundall persisted. "These are side effects of getting off the drug, not a reason to go back." This was tough, but we held on.

Our persistence was rewarded!

In the weeks that followed, both the seizures and night events ceased entirely, and Seth's sleeping patterns improved steadily. Then came the kicker. On February 2, 2010 we took Seth to a hospital in Spokane WA for another EEG. At the end of February, a professional neurologist (not Dr. Mundall) reported the results: Seth's brain activity had significantly changed from what it was during his October EEG and he no longer has "Benign Rolandic Epilepsy"! Hallelujah! As I write this, Seth remains off all medication and continues to sleep peacefully every night. I can't tell you what a relief this is to our family. Truly, in our case, a goodly amount of undoubtedly sincere "expert medical opinion" totally failed us; but due diligence, earnest prayer (from our family and many others), our detoxification efforts, and God's blessing did the trick.

Others need this information, is the conviction that presses upon me now, so I'm writing to enlighten others. And let me clarify: I'm not against all doctors (for Dr. Mundall is a doctor), but this trying experience has unquestionably taught our family that even sincere medical professionals can sometimes miss the boat entirely by 1) not searching for the true cause of a disease, and 2) by being clueless about how to correct it. In our case, a powerful drug was recommended, when there was a better way. In conclusion, I strongly recommend the book, Detoxify or Die, by Dr. Sherry Rogers (M.D.). Believe me, its eye opening. Dr. Rogers is a worldwide-recognized expert in detoxification and "cause and effect" medicine, and Dr. Mundall thinks very highly of her. FYI, I am also compiling a personal list of other credible "detoxification" aids I have discovered, which I am happy to email to anyone who asks me for it.
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May our personal story be a blessing to many others.

Sincerely, Steve Wohlberg
Speaker/Director, White Horse Media