Case Histories

Renee Mauser LPN
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


For three long years I suffered over forty symptoms of a devastating illness which kept me a bedridden invalid. My symptoms increased in severity with each passing day. I experienced severe stinging headaches, mental confusion with every thought process, speech problems, including slurred words and difficulty recalling words in conversation. I also experienced other Alzheimers-like symptoms such as, not being able to read past the fifth word without losing comprehension of the first four words, and not being able to tell how many cents were in a particular coin. Many trips to the doctor during those early days were very frustrating because I was not able to recognize my surroundings, which should have been obviously familiar.

My central nervous system was affected greatly by smells and was not able to tolerate strong toxic fumes of paint, gasoline, varnish, rubber, and so on. The smells would literally make me experience an increase in all my symptoms, primarily the headaches and nausea. My CNS system was even affected by sounds, lights, and certain colors. Again, any intense level in these categories would put me in a relapse state, where I would be unable to even walk to the bathroom by myself, or sit up to feed myself.

Severe muscle, joint and bone pain rendered me immobile! Weakness of my muscles left me very limp, and barely able to raise my diaphragm to breathe. The ringing in my painful ears was constant, and it deafened me to the ring of the phone, the sound of the TV, or normal conversation. I later would find out that I was slowly losing at least 30% of my hearing in each ear and would spend the rest of my life protecting my ears with ear plugs or go completely deaf!

I suffered daily fever and chills and I would wake up in a cold sweat, which would later turn large areas of my body into stinging rashes. I experienced nausea, digestion disturbances, and malabsorbtion of my food. Sore throats were daily, and so were swollen, painful lymph nodes. The most upsetting symptoms were sleep apnea, (when I would actually stop breathing during sleep) and premature ventricular heart beats, or PVC's, when my heart would stop momentarily over 2,000 times in a 24 hour period. This condition was accompanied by horrible chest pains and shortness of breath.

My symptoms grew more and more severe and my life was slowly slipping away, until I found out about mercury toxicity from dental amalgam fillings. I decided to request the removal of all my mercury fillings, replace them with nontoxic ones by a trained dentist, and follow up the procedure with a detoxification program to help pull the poison from the tissues of my body. After one year, I was 85% healthy, and with each passing year I became more and more healthy. I will always have some weakness in my immune system which haunts me with recurrent Candidiasis. My thyroid gland was completely destroyed by the mercury, and of course, my poor ears, but I am a functioning human being, with lots of energy and I now travel and speak to large audiences on this subject. I have been personally involved with helping over 250 victims of mercury poisoning from their fillings and I have become a registered lobbyist in our state and started my own Political Action Committee to reform the dental laws in my state which are unique. My state of Iowa has the only Administrative Rule in the entire country that mimics the ADA Code of Ethics, which restricts the conversation between the dentist and a patient. I have spent the last five years of my life trying to save people from experiencing the misery I suffered because of mercury fillings. I will continue to fight until we have safe dental care in my state and the country, and until mercury free dentistry is allowed to be practiced without dentists fearing the loss of their license. I thank Mary Davis, and the good Lord, for saving my life with the knowledge and courage to fight this monster.