Case Histories
  Muriel Fahey
Mutiple Sclerosis
If you've had an ear to the ground concerning recent health breakthroughs, you've probably been hearing about the correlation between amalgam fillings and mercury poisoning. Just how does this affect you? Well, that I don't know. But I do know how it affected meAfter many years of poor health and a slew of symptoms ranging from severe nerve pain and paralysis to decreasing eyesight, hearing and overall motor skills, I was diagnosed as having Multiple Sclerosis (MS). This diagnosis came from two specialists in separate parts of the country after blood work, spinal tap and extensive exams. I was 20 years old.

Prognosis: I had 3 to 9 years to live. The doctors agreed there was little or no chance of remission since it had progressed so far. I decided people who dread their 30th birthday because of impending wrinkles were a little silly.

Motherhood was also out of the question. At first I took it like a good invalid.., lying down. What could I do? At this point I was in bed or a wheelchair. My high heels and sneakers remained in the closet, unused.

At some point, the small "why" in my head began getting louder and was replaced with a resounding "NO". I began reading everything I could get my hands on: diet, allergies, Zen, positive thinking, engineering (just kidding!). I saw a chiropractor for the first time. He introduced me to the idea of total health, which unites the body, mind and spirit. Definite progress was now being made.

Then I reached a plateau. I was just healthy enough at this point to be frustrated. The wheelchair was in the closet and I was buying new shoes, but I wanted to feel good enough to wear them someplace besides the doctor's office.

Finally, I heard of some new information that mercury poisoning was being linked to MS and other degenerative diseases. The poison is contained in silver amalgam tooth fillings and can be released into the system. In this case, my system. I had tried every other cure short of snake venom - this treatment seemed simple enough.

First, I was tested for the poisoning. The results were conclusive. In I went for my first appointment. My treatment was complete in one month (I had large fillings). Within hours, I felt like I'd been hit by a truck.

I'd scheduled my first vacation in years for 3 weeks after removal - part of my positive thinking training! Surprise of surprises, I was on that plane! During that trip, I toured New York on foot until the wee hours. With my allergies gone, I ate whatever I wanted with no reaction (except 10 extra lbs). Last but not least, I bought 5 pairs of shoes.

The next year saw incredible improvement. Two years ago today I gave birth to my daughter through natural childbirth, ate pizza an hour later at the dining room table and did laundry the next day. No, I'm not Wonder Woman, but I am a grateful woman.