Case Histories
  Mary Ann Newell
I am a 47 years old woman and consider myself a very lucky mercury poisoned survivor. I started getting sick in June 1995 and got sicker and sicker with time. I started going to my local traditional medical doctors looking for why I had the following symptoms:
1. Excessive saliva.
2. Constant sore throat.
3. A painful mouth including different teeth that hurt at different times but all the time.
4. The inability to distinguish tastes.
5. A constant metallic taste in my mouth.
6. I could not sleep on my right side of my face for over eight mouths because of unexplained pain.
7. Really dry skin.
My symptoms got worse with time and the doctors could not tell me why but they prescribed many drugs trying to mask my symptoms. None of the drugs ever worked. In January 1996, my husband and I wanted answers, we wanted a "WHY I was sick", so we went up to Oregon Health Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon to get an ANSWER. Surprise, six months there and no answer either but lots more tests and more drugs. After going to five different medical departments, my symptoms had only gotten worse. I was sick and no one was helping me. Because of the metallic taste in my mouth, I started to wonder if my mercury fillings were the cause of my health problems. My husband and I decided to remove my mercury fillings, we shared it with the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor at OHSU who did not like the idea. He was very vocal, almost ballistic, about me removing my mercury fillings. My husband reminded Dr. Anderson twice that it was our money and we would do it if we wanted. This same doctor did tell my husband that if we removed my mercury fillings to be sure to do it right, that there was a proper way to remove mercury fillings but he never supported our decision. My last contact with OHSU was a phone conversation on June 18, 1996 with Dr. Anderson. Dr Anderson said that the three OHSU doctors that had been seeing me for the last six months wanted me to start taking compulsive behavior medicine. My husband and I said NO to these drugs because we knew that my pain and symptoms were real. This is where I am LUCKY because I have a wonderful husband that believed that I was sick.

We took a three-week vacation to Alaska to see my sister, on the first day there my sister had an article from the Spring 1996 Mothering magazine titled "What to Do with a MOUTHFUL of Mercury". We spent the vacation doing some research on mercury, so when we got home, I found a mercury-free dentist and also an alternative health care clinic with a medical MD that was treating patients with mercury toxicity caused by mercury fillings. The clinic did a series of tests that proved I had mercury poisoning and that I had a galvanic reaction in my mouth due to my 8 mercury fillings and 5 gold crowns.

After I had the bottom right fillings and two gold crowns removed, I woke up the next morning lying on my right side of my face pain free for the first time since 1995. After I had the rest of my fillings and crowns removed, my sore throat stopped hurting.

I have been detoxing for over three years and most of my symptoms have disappeared or had improved as the mercury is removed from my body.

The Clinic uses DMPS to detox me which is now "ALLOWED" by FDA as a chelating agent for mercury. I am so lucky that I have a wonderful husband that believed me when I was sick, I am so lucky that I had "symptoms" that no traditional doctor could help or diagnose because I had to keeping looking for "WHY" I was sick. I so very thankful that I discovered the truth about the dangers of mercury fillings and the many health issues that mercury fillings can cause.