Case Histories
  Mary Davis
Mutiple Sclerosis
I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 28 but my problems began long before that. I started wearing eyeglasses at eight years of age. That was probably the first indication of trouble to come. For the next 15 years, I dealt with mostly emotional problems. Deep depression and hypersensitivity led to hospitalization, but even after intense therapy, I was doing no better. Along with the emotional problems, I was also struggling with sleep disturbances (which I didn't realize weren't normal) and an irritable colon.

I finally just grew out of the depression and grew into some unusual problems. I started itching all over my body but had no obvious rash. This was also a time when I was doing a lot of aerobic exercise but I had no idea that there was a connection.

Since I was on medication for the itching and the medication also helped me sleep, for the next few years things were (I thought) fairly normal. I was always tired (as I had been since I was about 12) but by that time I was so accustomed to it that I didn't consider it abnormal. The depression was gone but this also happened to be the time when 1 was newly married and on the birth control pill, so I assumed my depression was hormonally linked.

At age 26 I had my first symptom of "MS". After that (I was not diagnosed yet at this point) I suffered strange symptoms. Achy legs, extreme tiredness and lack of energy became every day companions. My sleep problem became worse; but again, I thought everyone had trouble sleeping.

Seven months after I had my oldest daughter, I had another "MS" exacerbation. It was at this point that I was diagnosed. A lot of things became clear when they told me I had MS. There were still a lot of unexplained problems such as the depression and sleep disturbances, but I didn't connect them.

Approximately one year after having been diagnosed I had my fillings replaced since I knew I was allergic to metals. I was skeptical about the mercury issue at first so I didn't recognize what was happening to my body. I also didn't take any precautions to detoxify myself because I wasn't really sure what to expect. Luckily, I had a dentist who was very knowledgeable on the mercury issue and he insisted I take vitamins before and during my dental appointments.

I had my fillings replaced in a series of three appointments. The first appointment I had one filling removed and was fitted for a cap. That very night I slept better. I was thrilled that I was sleeping better and knew it was from the fillings but thought that was the extent of the benefit from mercury amalgam replacement. In between my appointments I noticed strange things happening (tingling, dizziness and metallic taste) but minimized it.

Approximately one month after total replacement was done, I acquired a hormonal imbalance, various infections (yeast, bladder and bacterial) and stomach problems escalated. I also acquired new allergies only to have them disappear right after they arrived.

It was about at this point that I started realizing that I wasn't as tired as I used to be. I was doing a lot more than I used to and my legs didn't ache anymore. I continued to sleep well through this whole time also.

I was convinced that the amalgam replacement was responsible for my improved health but still didn't understand the importance of vitamin therapy and detoxification. I was feeling so well, my husband and I decided to have more children. I had no problem conceiving, but unfortunately, eleven weeks after conception, I spontaneously aborted my second child. Since I was so convinced of the effects of mercury on the body, I asked that the fetus be tested for mercury levels. The test showed levels of mercury four times the normal range. I now realized that mercury and other heavy metals were more dangerous than I thought.

At this point I decided to investigate the mercury issue further. I started taking vitamin C every day and immediately started itching. I now understood that the mercury was trying to escape from my body through my skin! I continued taking vitamin C and that's when I really started noticing improvements. My energy level increased to a point I don't remember experiencing for 20 years.

Today I have very few "MS" symptoms. My irritable colon has tremendously improved, as well as the hormonal imbalance. I continue to sleep well and my energy level is at an all-time high. Memories of achy legs and lack of energy are just that - memories. I was able to detoxify and have another baby. Three months after my second daughter was born, I was pregnant with my third daughter. Wow! detoxification really works! I thank God every day for the people that helped me in my recovery. I only hope that someone reading my story will find an answer to their problems and be inspired to have their fillings replaced.