Case Histories

Janie McDowell
Mutiple Sclerosis

I am a 55-year-old housewife who was diagnosed with MS in January 1985. My symptoms varied and fluctuated over the years but included hand tremors, balancing problems, trouble walking, legs felt very heavy, knees buckling, frequent falling, leg muscle spasms, loss of appetite, recurring nausea, severe constipation, incontinence--both bladder and bowel, chronic bladder and kidney infections, chronic fatigue, pain in hands, stinging and burning/electric shock sensation in my feet and legs, severe depression, mood swings, temporary partial paralysis in legs, short term memory loss, loss of concentration, confusion, slurred speech, difficulty in making even simple decisions.
My treatments included countless prescription medications, IV steroids (methyiprednisolone), chemotherapy (cytoxan), and a daily preventative dose of antibiotics for the urinary tract infections. I used anti-nausea suppositories to enable me to eat because I could not take other medications on an empty stomach.
For 9 years I followed medical doctors' advice and only continued to get worse.
I saw the December 1990, 60 Minutes report about the dangers of mercury poisoning from mercury amalgam (silver) dental fillings and the possibility of a link between mercury poisoning and chronic degenerative diseases. I began checking into that possibility and bought a copy of the book "It's All in Your Head" by Dr. Hal Huggins. It sounded pretty far-fetched and pretty unbelievable, so I asked my neurologist and dentist about it. They both laughed and told me that it was a hoax. Both of them said that amalgam removal would be a waste of time and money.
I asked my neurologist if nutrition would help. He said "It probably wouldn't help, but it wouldn't hurt. So try it if you want to," I continued listening to the doctors for four more years and continued to get worse. Then finally my neurologist told me he had done alt he could do for me and for me to go home, rest and if I got worse, call him. My husband felt there must be SOMETHING we could do. He began countless hours of research on the Internet checking into alternative medicine.
In April 1994, 1 went to a chiropractor/nutritionist who started me on juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables and taking herbal colon cleansers, My nausea cleared up and my appetite began to improve in less than a week. I no longer needed daily anti- nausea medication. My constipation of six years was gone in less than two weeks. My neurologist had been telling me constipation is just part of having MS - learn to live with it and take a laxative of your choice. Well, I learned I didn't have to live with it. When my appetite came back, my strength soon began to improve.
When I asked my nutritionist about mercury amalgam "silver" dental fillings, he immediately said that it would be necessary to get them out in order to totally detoxify' my body. This was further reinforced by the organization DAMS (Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome). They published a book Defense Against Mystery Syndromes with many first-hand personal stories about different degenerative diseases that were cured or greatly improved by removal of mercury amalgam dental fillings.
We searched the web and found an incredible amount of information on amalgams. Since I had 14 fillings, we decided to have them replaced. We weren't sure amalgam removal would work, but I was desperate. I had my amalgams replaced with non-toxic composites in November 1994.
At first I was disappointed and depressed because there was no mediate change, except for the fact
that I was able to quit taking all of my prescription medications in December 1994. 1 did not notice any bad effects from doing so. Prior to this I had tried to cut down on my medications, but was unable to.
Three months after amalgam removal, I took chelation treatments to remove the mercury that had accumulated in my body over the years. Not feeling any different after five EDTA chelation treatments, I decided not to continue with them. I didn't realize at that time just how significant they could be. In the meantime I kept on juicing and watching my diet.
The change was so slow and gradual that we didn't notice it was happening. Then about 6 or 8 months after amalgam removal my husband and I started noticing subtle improvements. Looking back, we realize that my knees had quit buckling. I quit falling and was able to walk some without holding on to anything. Then we noticed that the tremors, slurred speech, and short-term memory loss had gone. Prior to amalgam removal I was having bladder infections almost continuously. I've had only one bladder infection in the past 7 years and 1 was able to cure it without antibiotics. My immune system was beginning to work again. I used CranActin capsules made from cranberry juice concentrate, which are available at the Health Food Store, and I added lots of cranberries in my juices.
I have more energy and no longer need to take daily naps. When I realized what was happening, we both got very excited and happy. With the arrival of new hope for recovery, I lost my depression and started acting happy and smiling again for the first time in years.
In trying to get even better, I began the Gerson Therapy at home in February 1996. This is an intensive nutrition and detoxification treatment
for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and other chronic degenerative diseases, including MS. It consists of flooding your body with pure nutrition and live enzymes (building blocks to help the body assimilate nutrients). It recommends drinking up to thirteen 8-oz glasses of fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices hourly each day, and eating organic fruits and vegetables, and detoxifying your body with daily coffee enemas to cleanse the colon of all the years of accumulated toxins.
On this program, you eat only fresh organic fruits and vegetables, nothing from a can, box, or jar. You eat nothing with preservatives, sugar, salt, white flour, or anything that has had insecticide on it. You drink only purified water no chlorine or fluoride is allowed. No insecticides are to be used inside the house. As many toxins as possible are to be eliminated, including hair coloring, makeup, hair spray and perfume. The human body has the ability to heal itself if it is detoxified and fed the right nutrients for fuel.
It's a shame that what we were taught as kids to be "good nutrition" really isn't. Also, you should not cook in Teflon-coated or aluminum cookware. Aluminum is to be strictly avoided, including alum, baking powder and deodorants made with aluminum.
Nine months after being on the Gerson Therapy, I began taking more chelation treatments until I had a total of 25 or 30. Since amalgam removal, chelation and change in diet, ALL my symptoms are either IMPROVED or GONE!
I continue to improve. I have done several different cleanses including gallbladder, liver and parasite cleanses.
In the summer of 1997, I even got my driver's license after not driving for 9 years. I still have problems -stinging and burning/electric shock sensation in my feet and legs, although more tolerable is still with me. However, it doesn't "put me under" like it used to. I still ride my electric scooter, but probably only about half as much now as I did seven years ago. I can walk farther from my scooter now, but the more I walk the more it hurts. Pain is my worst problem, although it is nothing like it used to be.
Four years before we were ready to listen, a friend of ours had tried to tell us about the dangers of amalgams. It took me that much longer of going downhill and getting worse before I gave up on the medical profession and began listening to our friend. He had been through amalgam removal, chelation and the Gerson Therapy and had cured his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
For the past 7 years since trying alternative healing methods, I have continued to get better: including shopping for groceries on my own for 3 years now; once again balancing the checkbook; doing light house cleaning; not only being able to type with all ten fingers have recovered 100% by now. - Janie McDowell